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Female condom

Female condom ☂️♀️ is a contraceptive method that acts as a barrier: it prevents semen from contacting your vagina 🍑. You can insert it at any time before you have sex and replace it every time you have sex again.

Female condoms aren’t used as often as male condoms, since they’re more expensive. Also, because they have to be inserted, they’re more complicated to put on. They have the advantage of covering your external genitalia, which protects you from BBSTIs. In this regard, they’re actually more effective than male condoms.

📅 Don’t forget to check the condom’s expiration date before using it. An expired condom is more likely to break during sex, which makes it useless. Don’t hesitate to call 🤙 Tel-jeunes to learn more and discuss the risks and the precautions you should take.

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