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Admitting you need help is a strength 💪


Sometimes people wrongly believe that being strong means hiding their emotions and sorting things out alone.

What if being strong meant taking care of yourself?

The skills you need to develop to take care of yourself and your mental health include how you react when you live through something difficult: are you able to seek help, talk about what you’re going through, find adults you trust, consult a professional if necessary, surround yourself with people who are good for you?

Looking vulnerable can be hard

Sometimes it can be hard to ask for help: we want to show that we’re strong, we want to do everything alone, we’re embarrassed to tell someone we can’t cope, we’ve never asked for help before, we think we have to take care of everything ourselves because we haven’t been taught that it’s normal to need other people, etc.

Confiding in someone always helps

Talking, being with people, or asking for a helping hand can only be positive. The more you take care of your difficult emotions and your pain, the better the chance that everything will be straightened out. On the other hand, trying to do everything yourself or waiting to ask for help can make the situation worse or more complicated.

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