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What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is when someone uses technological tools to bully or harass another person. For example, a young person might use a cell phone, computer, or tablet to send hurtful or threatening messages to someone on social media, blogs, online chat, or video sites. It’s an act of unacceptable violence that can be punished by law.

When someone engages in cyberbullying, it’s often because they are trying to gain power over another person, blow off steam, or get revenge. It’s an act of aggression that injures, scares, and harms the victim.

Cyberbullying is usually repeated: one young person attacks another one several times. It’s also possible for other people to be accomplices in the act. They could be witnesses who do nothing or people who make the situation worse by commenting or sharing hurtful, threatening, or humiliating content. All the people who look at or share the content are increasing the victim’s distress.

Cyberbullying is unacceptable. It’s a very serious, often illegal act. If you’re the victim of cyberbullying, you may need help to get out of this situation. Cut off all contact with the bully. Talk about what’s happening with an adult you trust and decide together on what you’re going to do: warn the school, call the police, etc.

An action that has consequences!!