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Downloading games, music, and movies: Illegal and damaging

Games, music, movies, videos…

Lots of young people download games, music 🎶, movies, and videos online. Some kinds of downloads are illegal. Artists whose music 🎼 is widely pirated can lose income ⬇️ , and no longer be able to survive as artists. So should you do it or not? For now, everyone has to decide on his/her own moral code regarding illegal downloading.

Before downloading files, ask yourself a few questions

  • Does doing this fit with your values?
  • Are you ready to live with the consequences? Your actions are harming your favourite musician and could have legal consequences for you.

Some kids say they download music files to get an idea of the content of a new album by an artist 👨‍🎤 and decide whether or not to buy it.


There are other ways to evaluate the content of an album

  • Today, you can listen to some music free of charge on musicians’ websites. 👩‍🎤
  • Many record stores allow you to listen to an album 💿 before you buy. 🎧
  • Radio stations play new songs all the time.
  • And often you might know someone who already purchased the album. Why not ask him/her to lend it to you for an evening?


It’s everyone’s responsibility to respect copyright. Each of us can do something to protect the future of the artists who thrill us and make us dream. 💓🎤🕺

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