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Leading a healthy lifestyle

How can I stop smoking?

It’s not easy to stop smoking. Some people are very dependent on nicotine, and others less so. What you need most of all is the motivation to stop. This motivation has to come from you, not from other people. Of course, your friends and your parents can help you quit, but they can’t force you to or do it for you.

Your dependency is physical but your habit was formed to meet a psychological need. Try to identify the personal reasons that led you to start smoking and the ones that are urging you to quit. Maybe cigarettes are meeting a need that you could meet in healthier ways?

You can also think about the undesirable effects of tobacco to motivate you. Did you know that:

  • cigarettes have harmful effects on your health but also on the health of everyone around you who breathes in the smoke
  • cigarettes are responsible for cancers and chronic diseases of the eyes, organs, and heart
  • cigarettes damage the quality of your everyday life, especially by impairing your physical endurance and sleep
  • cigarettes shorten your life expectancy by 10 years – 10 YEARS!

To help you keep going, you can ask your family and friends to support you in your efforts or promise yourself rewards for your successes. For example, you might go out somewhere special after a week without smoking. It can also be easier to stop if you write down a date in your diary in advance so you can prepare mentally for your last cigarette.

Most of all, don’t get discouraged: people often need to try more than once before they manage to quit for good! Remember that every cigarette you don’t smoke is a success. Moreover, each time you try to quit, you’ll see positive effects that will encourage you to keep going longer the next time. You can do it!

For more help

There are resources that can help you stop smoking. You can talk it over with your doctor, who will be able to give you the best advice for your situation. The professionals at the “I Quit Now” helpline also provide free support. You can contact them at 1 866 527-7383, tobaccofreequebec.ca/iquitnow and defitabac.qc.ca.

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