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Saines habitudes de vie

I can quit whenever I want to!

It’s easy to say we can stop whenever we want to… In fact, it’s just as easy as thinking up excuses to keep on smoking! You might think that you’ll never become addicted or that you’re still young and you have plenty of time to quit.

In reality, it doesn’t work quite like that. Did you know that teens are most at risk of becoming dependent on tobacco? It’s not a question of willpower: in adolescence, your body is more sensitive to the effects of the nicotine that tobacco contains. Nicotine triggers a physical and psychological dependence that is just as strong as heroin!



In the beginning, you might think you’re in control. You’re the one who decides when you smoke! Then, one fine day, you realize you NEED a cigarette. You’re hooked and it’s already too late.

Just between us, the best thing to do with cigarettes is not touch them!

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