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What does it mean to be in good mental health?

There are healthy bodies and healthy minds. Mental health is wellness between your ears! Would you say that a person who smokes like a chimney and coughs all day long is healthy? The same is true of mental health: not being sick doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy.

Good mental health means:

  • Feeling good inside your head
  • Keeping a good balance among all the aspects of life: social, physical, mental, spiritual, and economic
  • Experiencing all kinds of emotions (joy, sorrow, pride, disappointment, etc.)
  • Feeling pleasure in your relationships with other people
  • Being able to adapt to different situations in life

Being able to face difficult times and solve problems (of course, you might have difficulties, but then you manage to regain your balance and take care of yourself, no matter what the context may be)

It also means:

  • Certain things are important to you
  • Overall, you like yourself
  • In general, you feel confident about the future
  • You know that you’re important to certain people
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