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What are the challenges and issues related to self-esteem?

What does low self-esteem do?

Low self-esteem can lead you to believe that you aren’t able to meet challenges, or that you’re not good enough for people to love you or be interested in you. You may tend to be defeatist 🤷, magnify your failures, minimize your successes, or give up on projects. You might also feel more vulnerable and more hurt by outside criticism and have a tendency to devalue yourself and assign too much importance to that little negative voice in your head.

Self-esteem: a challenge during adolescence

Why? Because that’s when you’re really building your self-esteem, you’re looking for your identity, you’re distancing yourself from your parents, your friends are playing a more important role, you’re taking on new roles 👍 ((lover 😍, worker, intern who has to make important choices about your future, your profession, etc.), and because you’re dealing with numerous physical changes.