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What is anorexia?

Anorexia is an extreme, excessive fear of gaining weight. The person eats much less, sometimes hardly at all, with the aim of getting thinner. In the medium and long term, the lack of food and nutrients has a negative impact on their health. It’s a disorder that has to be taken seriously because it can result in death.

Often people with anorexia:

  • feel guilty after eating
  • feel uncomfortable with their bodies
  • weigh themselves several times a week and count every calorie they consume
  • won’t allow themselves to eat certain foods
  • try to control their weight with extreme, excessive means
  • are convinced they’re fat even though in reality they’re getting thinner and thinner and their weight is abnormally low
  • stop menstruating

If you think you might have symptoms of anorexia, it’s important for you to consult your doctor as soon as possible, because the condition can get worse fast.

Thinness doesn’t necessarily mean anorexia

Careful! You can’t rely only on a person’s weight to know if they have anorexia.

Just because a person is thin, it doesn’t mean they have an eating disorder. Some people naturally don’t weigh much even if they eat a lot. And on the other hand, a person may be plumper and still have anorexia.

If you want to help someone who has anorexia, contact Tel-jeunes. Our counsellors can give you advice on how you might approach the person.