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Stress: what is it?

Stress is a physical reaction by your body that is perfectly normal. In fact, stress is essential! That’s what gives you the energy to study for your exam or the motivation to pass your driving test. But if it builds up, it can affect you…

When you feel too much stress, you may be overwhelmed. Instead of encouraging you to act, the stress paralyzes you and prevents you from functioning properly.

A lump in your throat, your stomach tied up in knots, a tight feeling in your chest, decreased or increased appetite, sleep problems, general feeling of discomfort, loss of concentration, unhappiness, irritability, fatigue, etc.: there are several signs that tell you that the stress you’re experiencing isn’t healthy for you.

Don’t forget: stress reactions are very personal. You might find something stressful that your friend doesn’t find stressful at all. So it’s important for you to listen to your body and pay attention to what you’re feeling, without letting other people influence you.

Careful: don’t confuse stress with anxiety disorder, which is also accompanied by a feeling of prolonged distress in the face of unrealistic or excessive fears.