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Don’t hesitate to consult a professional

Don’t hesitate to consult a professional

It’s not just people who have serious mental health problems who consult a psychologist or counsellor. Taking care of your mental health and going to see a professional is like going to the doctor when you have a problem with your physical health. Don’t hesitate or wait for the situation to get worse.

Why consult someone?

You can consult someone for minor reasons (for example, you need to sort out your thoughts), moderately serious reasons (for example, you’re being bullied or you’ve had a traumatic experience), or really serious reasons (you’ve attempted suicide).

Confidential file

Did you know that once you’re 14 years old, your medical file is confidential? So your parents don’t have to be told if you decide to consult a health care professional, unless it’s a really serious issue affecting your health.