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Training for the teaching personnel

Adolescents sex education: soft-skills and intervention strategies

Free training for schools and school boards everywhere across Québec! 👩‍🏫

Love relations and sexuality are issues among the most frequently broached at Tel-jeunes since it’s foundation in 1991. The professional workers at Tel-jeunes talk daily with adolescents about issues concerning their psychosexual development. Because of its expertise, the ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur identified Tel-jeunes as a partner that could contribute in a complementary fashion to the training of the teaching personnel as part of the implementation of the sex education program core contents.

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Available dates

Would you like to book this training for the teaching personnel of your school? See below the available dates for the training team to visit you.

January 6 - FULL
January 7 - FULL
January 24 - FULL
January 27 - FULL
January 30
January 31 - 1 spot left!
February 7 - 1 spot left!
February 14 - 1 spot left!
February 17 - FULL
February 20 - FULL
February 21 - FULL
March 9 - 1 spot left!
March 20 - FULL
March 23
March 26
March 27 - FULL
March 31 - 1 spot left!
April 3
April 9 - FULL
April 24 - FULL
April 27
May 8
May 15 - FULL
June 1

If you would like to book the training for other dates than above, please contact us: formation@teljeunes.com  -  514 288-1444 

Our trainers

Our team of qualified professionals ensures that you get training that meets your expectations. Always on the lookout for new realities affecting kids, our trainers know how to share information in a high-energy way and make sure that you contribute during sessions.

Alexandra Fournier

Bachelor’s degree in psychology

Passionate and committed, Alexandra is currently working toward a Master’s degree in sexology (research and intervention) while also acting as a counsellor for Tel-jeunes/LigneParents. She keeps a very open mind during training sessions. Although she has no sense of smell, she’s a great audience (easy to laugh, doubtful sense of humour though!), two bits of information that could come in handy!

Claudine Samson

Master's degree in sexology

With a master's degree in sexology, Claudine has been teaching teenagers sex education for 10 years, more specifically in the education field. Calm, cool, kind and attentive in her formations... but she's a completely different person in karaoke rooms!

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