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Stress and anxiety

The two kinds of phobias

Specific phobia

This is a fear associated with a specific object or situation. The person is terrified, even though the danger isn’t real (or it’s not as critical as the person thinks). Common specific phobias include phobias of animals, insects, storms, heights, closed spaces, etc.

Social phobia

Social phobia is associated with social activities, where the person is afraid of feeling humiliated or preoccupied with what other people think of them. This can range from a fear of public speaking or going to a party to fear of leaving the house at any time.


In a situation, or when they think of that situation, the person with a phobia feels anxiety, including a variety of physical sensations: their heart may race, they may feel dizzy or get the shakes, they may start sweating, have a stomach-ache, get confused, etc.

Phobia is physical! Not everyone has a phobia, and just because you think spiders are gross, it doesn’t mean you have arachnophobia!

Source: http://sante.gouv.qc.ca/en/problemes-de-sante/phobies/

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