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We all want to love ❤️, be loved, and have a relationship that lives up to our desires and dreams! 🎆 Everyone is different and so your idea of love won’t be the same as your parents’ and your friends’.

Your idea of romantic relationships is built out of all kinds of factors, such as experiencing heartbreak or expecting to meet the partner you’ll marry. 👰🏽🤵🏽💒 Your expectations and experiences are likely to have an impact on how you look at potential partners and choose the one you want to be with.

What’s great about love is that every couple decides for themselves how they’re going to experience their passion, desire, intimacy and true love… 💖😍💋


How can I get over a broken heart? 💔

Going through a breakup is different for everyone. Sometimes it’s even a relief.😌 Other times, it hurts badly.😖 That’s when your heart is broken and you need time to get better. Here are some ideas to help you survive a breakup.


Is jealousy 💚 a factor in my relationship?

We may all feel jealous sometimes. Jealousy expresses our insecurity. 😕

Is jealousy normal? What can we do when it takes over our life and thoughts?