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Privacy Policy - Legal Notes

Please read the following conditions before browsing on Tel-jeunes website.

Privacy Policy

Our commitment

Tel-jeunes  is committed to protecting the privacy and personal information of its employees, beneficiaries, donors and other interested parties. We are aware that to maintain the public’s trust, we must be transparent and responsible in managing the information gathered and contained in our files.

In our various projects and activities, we often gather and use personal information. Everyone from whom we collect this information may expect it to be carefully protected and used with their consent.

Definition of personal information

Personal information is any data leading to the identification of a person. This could be name, home address, telephone number, age, sex, marital or familial state, identification number, financial information, information regarding a donation, level of education, etc. All personal information will be processed as sensitive data.

When residential contact information is used for both business and personal contact information, we consider that the data provided to be business contact information. As a result, it is not subject to the same protection as personal information.

Use of the information gathered

When someone ask for online help on teljeunes.com, we need a few basic information: sex, age, region, email. This will allow us to process the request and ensure follow-up with strict compliance with our safety procedures.

Access to this data is limited to a group of employees specifically assigned to the processing of online intervention made via teljeunes.com, and is available to them uniquely in carrying out their work.

We only use the information you send us to proceed an intervention, to illustrate situations regarding our website and to collect demographic information about help requests we have.

Transmission of your personal data to a third party

At no time is your personal information made public or sold or communicated to a third party without your knowledge, except if we are legally obliged (via testimony in court, interrogation, request for documents, subpoena, civil proceeding request or otherwise following order from a competent court or to adhere to the applicable conditions imposed by a government organization or other regulatory authority, or other legal obligations).

Website and eCommerce

When you ask for help on Tel-jeunes' websiteorsque vous procédez à une demande d'aide sur le site de Tel-jeunes, your information will be securely transmitted over the internet for the duration of the process.

Our web server automatically recognizes the IP address of each visitor to our site. It does not recognize email addresses. We use visitors’ IP addresses to diagnose problems on our server and administer our website. We use your IP address to collect general demographic information, which is then eliminated. We use cookies to improve our website content and facilitate access to it (see the section below for more details).

The data gathered and used via this site must be provided voluntarily by users. When a user sends us his or her information to sign up for a newsletter or request the organization’s assistance, we process this data like all other personal information gathered as part of other activities or by other methods, and we treat it as if the person had authorized its use and collection.

We use a secure protocol; all data is made secure by password. Our software is updated regularly to maximize the protection of data.

Our site contains links to other sites. The Fondation Tel-jeunes is not responsible for the confidentiality practices or content of these other sites. Please note their privacy policies for more information.


A cookie is a small text file that’s saved on your browser and stores information as you navigate the internet. They were invented to count how many web browsers visited the Internet’s first websites. For example, a cookie may contain a unique number attributed to you. This number allows us to recognize your browser without being able to establish your identity.

How do cookies work?

When you visit a website that uses cookies, your web browser stores a cookie on your device. If you come back, the cookie recognizes your unique identifier and you’re considered a repeat visitor. They become the building blocks of your browser’s memory.

How we use cookies?

Every time you interact with Fondation Tel-jeunes online, you create data and we send you data. This basic exchange of information is how the internet works. Without it, there is no internet.

Active exchange

  • Which site you visit
  • What written, video and audio content you consume
  • Which content you share

Passive exchange

  • Your location, not your exact contact information
  • What kind of device and browser you use
  • Your IP address

The information you create doesn’t have any indicator of who you are, personally. It helps us know what you’re interested in.

Manage cookies

Your data is valuable and we believe you should have a say in how much you share with us. Please follow the information below to activate or desactive some of our cookies. The strictly necessary cookies cannot be desactivated.

If you do choose to download a cookie blocker, please note that these tools will stop some of our products from working properly, if not entirely, on your computer. Specifically, your access to audio and video content, location-based services, search features, registration, sign-in and commenting may be affected.

If you decide to use a cookie blocker, please include Google Analytics to the list of authorized cookies so that we can receive the minimum of information about the use of our websites.

Desactivate cookies

Types of cookies

This list may change because our products evolve. Please visit this section regularly so that you remain updated.

Strictly necessary cookies

Strictly necessary cookies are needed for personalised services to work. If you sign in to comment on stories, for instance, our system needs a cookie to remember who you are.

  • Session: ASP.NET_SessionId - Access to our proprieties
  • Preferred language: CMSPreferredCulture - Save your preferred language
  • Kentico : CurrentContact - Follow your activities on our website

Functionality cookies

This cookies are needed for specific features to work. If you don’t want to use this feature, you don’t need the corresponding cookie.

  • Newsletter registration (to be added soon)
  • VisitorStatus: is it your first visit on our website?
  • CurrentContact: Following your activities on our websites
  • CMSCookie Level : Which cookies you allow

Performance cookies

Performance cookies help us understand how users navigate our websites. The data is used to analyze and improve our products features.

  • Google Analytics _ga |_gid |_gat | AMP_TOKEN | _gac_* |__utm*

More details

Targeting cookies

Once our systems know your preferences, they can use targeting cookies to present the most relevant and timely content for you. Targeting cookies allow you to see personalised pages or ads that might be more interesting to you, or to avoid seeing the same items over and over again.

  • Facebook _fbp: allow to show you targeted ads on Facebook

To adjust this feature on your Facebook account.

Protection of your personal information

Your personal information is always protected. We use strict rules to protect the data you give us access to so that you can enjoy the service you have asked for. This rules are consistent to the personal data protection levels required by law.

Accessibility and requests

If you wish to ask us questions, or submit a complaint or concern regarding our privacy policy, please email us via our contact form.

For more information regarding the protection of personal information, please consult the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada website.

Tel-jeunes reserves the right to modify its privacy policy at any time. In this case, it will notify all persons affected by this change.