Impact Report 2022-2023

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Tel-jeunes : an evolution inspired by youth and collective commitment

For several decades now, I have watched the tide change at the the wonderful organization that is Tel-jeunes. Each time I am amazed by our ability to evolve and innovate without repeating ourselves, and this is exactly what happened this year: numerous previously unexplored areas of development appeared before us.

At Tel-jeunes, innovation is at the heart ofour teams’ everyday activities; it is also part of our continuous transformation and the improvements made through dialogue with our target audience. As such, to become an expert in adolescence, Tel-jeunes decided to form a committee of experts made up of youth! Why not go right to the source? Young people are our best guides, and they guide us to reflect on our actions based on their real impact, where we really make a difference. For the adults who read us, you who were also youths, know that Tel-jeunes is a large team of passionate people committed to evolving and advancing its mission of being an ally to youth from ages 12 to 17 every day.

To our team, thank you from the bottom of myheart! I would also like to thank the Government of Quebec, our loyal donors, partners of the Tel-jeunes Foundation, and our dedicated

administrators. They are the ones who carry us and contribute to us achieving our dream : to make Quebec the best place to be an adolescent.

Céline Muloin, President and CEO

Evolving at adolescent's pace

Since its creation in 1991, Tel-jeunes has played a decisive role for adolescents looking for support: with kindness and without judgement, our organization immediately showed itself to be a pioneering resource, where young people can always find comfort and feel heard.

We are truly proud to have been able to help hundreds of thousands of adolescents across Quebec over all these years, but we never slow down because of our accomplishments; in this generation, practices and habits are changing at light speed, it’s how young people are! This is why in 2021 we modernized our services, and then consolidated these changes in 2022.

This wide range of services is the result of collaborations with adolescents, key partners, and the dedicated members of our various teams. They allow us to respond to the needs of young people the way that they want:

  • Professional Counselling
  • Tj Youth Chat
  • Tj Forum
  • Thematic Content
  • Tj Workshops

At the heart of the adolescent experience

We have worked closely with the Youth Advisory Committee over the past three years. Every year, a new group of adolescents forms this committee and actively contributes to our content, and our projects. We also offer parents their own space to talk, vent, and get support for the reality of their role as a solid pillar of support for their kids.

But parents are not the only adults in young peoples’ lives! That’s why Tel-jeunes also works with educators. Thanks to the financial support of the Quebec Ministry of Education, we are able to equip educators across the province with the knowledge and intervention strategies to help students learn about their sexuality.

Fresh new look for our communications

We have been communicating with young people for over 30 years, and it is an art of its own! Just like how teens have changed over the years, and their needs and expectations evolve through time, Tel-jeunes has also changed how we offer our services and has under gone major updates over the last few years especially.

In 2022-2023, we wanted the new components of our service environment to be reflected in a new visual identity that young people and the people in their lives can relate to. The ultimate goal of our rebranding is to ensure that teens know that Tel-jeunes will always be there for them, no matter how they want to communicate, and that they will always listen and support them; whether discussing the smallest of concerns or much more serious problems.

The Tj Forum is having a publicity campaign

Launched in September 2022 and March 2023, the Tj Forum publicity campaign focused on the three most common concerns of teens who reach out to Tel-jeunes: sexuality, love, and anxiety.

Inspire, share, reassure

Tel-jeunes aims to enable teenagers to identify with the journeys of other young people or inspiring personalities. This is particularly the goal of our Ambassador Program, which partners with six celebrities for one year to popularize the request for assistance. Also, for the past two seasons, the Tel-jeunes podcast, Dans la bulle, offers the opportunity to step into the world of well-known and appreciated personalities by teenagers.

A unique company culture

Passion, commitment, empathy, caring, teamwork, and learning : these are the words that best describe the Tel-jeunes team and the company culture they’ve helped build.

Youth mental health and well-being are the top priority for our teams, and all of our counsellors have been trained in creating healthy therapeutic relationships. Together, they work hard to provide solid support for youth.

Tel-jeunes supports them in their professional development, in particular by providing continuing education. Starting on March 7th, 2023, Tel-jeunes has committed to adapting 100% of their job postings to attracting more recent-Canadian candidates, and particularly candidates from diverse backgrounds.

The Heartfelt Ambassadors helping Tel-jeunes shine

Marina Orsini
Tel-jeunes Parents Spokesperson
Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse
Tel-jeunes Ambassador
Fondation Tel-Jeunes logo

The Tel-jeunes Foundation : an invaluable pillar

It’s thanks to the Foundation, and the people who are part of it, that our initiatives succeeded again this year and brought Tel-jeunes closer to its dream of making Quebec the best place for teens to live. Thanks for supporting us!

The 2022 Lobster Lunch : a 36th edition for the books

No fewer than 3,600 people joined us at the Palais des Congrès on June 3rd, 2022, for the beloved tradition of the Tel-jeunes Foundation’s Lobster Lunch! The event raised $968,500! Far surpassing our goal.


Attendance was also record-high, making the event a huge success for our two Lunch co-presidents, who gave their energy and countless hours of their time to promote the event and galvanizing people into taking part. We’d like to thank to Metro, our major partner and sponsor for close to 20 years.

Behind every donation is a helping hand

Many companies and private foundations have been supporting the Tel-jeunes Foundation’s work for several years. They enable us to make a difference in the lives of young people and their parents. Thank to our partners!

Thanks to our Skills-based Volunteers!

Working on a board of directors requires a rare commodity : time. It also requires having a vision, a sense of generosity, and shareable skills. We would like to thank our two board teams that complement each other and significantly contribute to the quality of our services for young people, as well as to our philanthropic presence in the community.

Looking Towards the Future

This past year has been one of growth and innovation at Tel-jeunes! We are very excited and look forward to continue monitoring the impact of these many changes over the coming months.