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What can we do if we’re jealous of a friend?

Some situations can trigger jealousy in a friendship. For example, you might feel jealous if your friend takes part in activities without you or spends more time with his/her boyfriend or girlfriend or with other friends.

Explore the reasons that make you feel jealous

What’s bothering you about the fact that your friend has other interests or other friends? Does that take anything away from you? Are you afraid of losing him/her?

Be open with your friend

Talk about what’s bothering you. If your friend is aware of what you’re feeling, he/she may be able to reassure you or explain what’s happening, and that will help you feel better.

Enrich your life

If you feel abandoned, it’s time to expand your circle of friends and try new activities. If you have plenty of friends and a full life, you won’t need to spend all your time with one friend, and that will take the pressure off him/her.

Ask yourself if your feelings are realistic

Is your friend really pulling away from you or just busy? When someone has several friends and a girlfriend or boyfriend, it can be hard to divide up their time in a way that satisfies everybody.

The problem with jealousy is that it often causes what we’re most afraid of. Your friend may become more distant from you because he/she finds it difficult to cope with a jealous friend. If you find it hard to control your jealousy, talk about it with a counsellor at your school or with Tel-jeunes!