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Communication as a couple

Communication as a couple: The secret of a good relationship

As a couple, you have shared interests and differences. You don’t always agree with each other, you don’t have the same needs, wants, moods, etc. So it’s normal for you to need to talk about it!

Communication is the essential glue in any relationship. It allows the couple to stabilize so that both partners can feel good together. Why? Because it creates a space where you can express yourself in total security and feel listened to. You feel good together because you feel accepted and respected.

What is good communication?

When you communicate well, you’re able to express your feelings, opinions, tastes, preferences, and desires without being scared of your partner’s reaction. And you’re also able to listen to your partner. Sometimes communication is easy. Other times, it’s more complicated. The essential thing is to remain open to the other person’s opinions and feelings and express your own, respectfully.

Dare to communicate!

It’s not always easy to talk about our emotions! We might be afraid of feeling judged, or looking ridiculous… That’s normal: we’re placed in a vulnerable position. But if we don’t talk, problems can become even more serious. Silence can be interpreted as a sign of indifference or lack of interest, leading to misunderstandings.

How can I communicate well?

Here are some tips to engage in healthy communication:

  • Set an example: By taking the initiative to start the discussion, you prove that the relationship is important to you, and you lead the way to better communication.
  • Speak using “I”: By talking about yourself, you avoid accusing the other person and then seeing him/her withdraw. Instead of saying, for example, “You’re always with your friends!” you could say “I’m disappointed that we can’t see each other more often.”
  • Choosing the right time is crucial. We can get our ideas over much better when the other person is receptive!

When we talk and feel listened to, we also feel safe and supported by the other person. So good communication has a lot of benefits!