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Could you be pregnant?

If semen or pre-ejaculatory fluid gets close to your vagina or vulva during sexual activity, there’s a risk of pregnancy.

You can get pregnant…

  • at any time of the month, even during your period
  • the first time you have sex
  • if a guy strokes your vulva or vagina and he has semen on his fingers
  • if the guy’s penis touches your vulva or vagina even if he doesn’t ejaculate
  • if the guy withdraws his penis to ejaculate outside your vagina
  • if you have sex with penetration, with or without ejaculation, even in water

You can’t get pregnant…

  • by swallowing semen
  • by touching dried semen
  • if your partner ejaculates in the water next to you

If you have any doubts or worries, call or text us! You can also consult your pharmacist. If there is a risk that you might be pregnant, he/she will give you the morning after pill or suggest a morning after IUD. Yu can take the morning after pill up to 120 hours after having unprotected sex and use the morning after IUD up to 7 days after the sex.