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What is binge eating disorder?

Binge eating disorder resembles bulimia: a person with this condition will eat a huge amount of food in a very short time, even if they aren’t hungry. However, a binge eater won’t try to purge what they just ate by extreme methods such as excessive exercise or vomiting.

In fact, it’s the opposite: food gives these people a feeling of comfort. They eat without chewing, without stopping, and scarcely taking the time to breathe between mouthfuls. They’ll eat until their stomach hurts. They lose control. Afterward, they feel extremely guilty, depressed, and disgusted.

One of the symptoms of binge eating disorder is weight gain. If you think you might have symptoms of binge eating disorder, it’s important to consult a doctor as soon as possible, because the condition can get worse.

If you want to help someone affected by binge eating disorder, contact Tel-jeunes. Our counsellors can give you advice on how you might approach the person.