How to make balanced use of social media

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Managing your social media use isn’t magic! Here are some ideas to do it in a balanced way.

⏰ Learn to manage your time

To do this, you can draw up a list of everything you have to do in order of priority, depending what’s most important or urgent. There are even apps 🛎 and calendars 🗓 with reminder functions to help you remember everything. Then you can plug the times you’ll use social media into your schedule in advance. When things are clearly visible, it’s easier to follow through.


Live in the present

It’s no secret: you can’t be everywhere all the time and see everything. Accept the fact that you’ll miss some of your friends’ posts. That’s okay! Live where you are, in the present moment, and enjoy it!


🔌 Disconnect

When you don’t need social media or you’re doing something else, deactivate notifications on your phone or computer. That way, you won’t be bothered every time it pops, buzzes, or lights up! And set yourself the challenge of taking little vacations from social media. For example, you might take a 24-hour break every month or a half-day every weekend.


🛀 Take time

Take time to relax without distracting yourself with your phone. At night, close your sessions and turn your device right off so you’ll sleep well 💤. When did you last read a book 📗 or watch a TV series without being interrupted by your phone?


You’re the boss of your social media – not the other way round! Instead of letting them take over your life, you can decide how much room you’re going to give them.