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Breaking up

How to live through a heartbreak?

When your heart is broken 💔, you often need time to heal 🤕. It’s as if you were sick or injured: you need to take care of yourself and wait for your heart to heal.

Breaking up is often a huge shock, an upheaval. It can trigger all kinds of effects in your head, heart, and body. For example, you might:

🕳  feel pain, a sense of abandonment, fear, emptiness

😴  have trouble concentrating or feel tired

🍽  start eating more or less than before

🛏  have trouble sleeping or, on the other hand, need more sleep

😔  lose your motivation or energy

😩  feel depressed or lose hope

All these feelings are natural. When you break up, you go through a grieving process: you have to put lots of important things behind you all at once:

  • what you liked about the other person – He/she was so sweet! 😍 
  • plans and dreams – We were going to travel together this summer. ✈️ 🏝 🗺
  • friends – I’ll never be able to hang out with his/her friends again. 🙍🏽 🙍🏽‍♂️ 👭
  • habits – We called each other every evening! 📞 🌙
  • ideals – I wanted to spend my life with him/her. 👴🏾 👵🏾 ❤️ 


To get through your heartbreak more easily, you can try these ideas:

  • Cultivate your own life and happiness. Do things you like, go out with your friends, and play sports. 🧘‍♀️ 🏂 🥅 That will help you think about other things and feel better. 💆🏼 😌
  • Spend time with good people. Your friends, parents, a counsellor, or Tel-jeunes can help you get through this hard time.  
  • Be patient. Over time ⏳🕰, the pain will get less and less.
  • Take back your life and let your ex lead his/her own life too. Don’t try to make your ex feel guilty or convince him/her to come back. The two of you had reasons for breaking up, and those problems are probably still there. And avoid alcohol or drugs: they’re likely to make you feel worse.


➡️ ➡️ A broken heart is never easy. If you find yourself feeling more and more depressed 😢 or you’re full of dark thoughts, don’t stay alone. Talk to an adult you trust or call Tel-jeunes. ☎️ 💜 💬

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