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If we rubbed against each other with our underpants on, is there a risk of pregnancy? 👖 🐪 👶

If we rubbed against each other with our underpants on, is there a risk of pregnancy?
Spermatozoa aren’t ninjas! They can’t climb, jump, or wiggle through the fabric of your underwear. In order for there to be a risk of pregnancy, the semen has to come into contact with the vulva either directly (ejaculation on the vulva or penetration) or by means of immediate touching (semen on hands or on an object).

What happens if I had sex during my period?

Any time you have unprotected sex, there’s a risk of pregnancy. That’s even true during your period! You might be aware that the riskiest time is when you’re ovulating, which is about 14 days before your period. But did you know that a sperm cell can live for up to 5 days inside your uterus and that it’s not uncommon for the time of ovulation to vary by a few days? In other words, there isn’t a single day of the month when you can be absolutely certain of not getting pregnant if you don’t use any kind of contraception.

I’m tired and I feel sick: am I pregnant?

You shouldn’t jump to conclusions too quickly: the symptoms of pregnancy don’t appear immediately. Do you know where you are in your menstrual cycle? When was your last period? Is your period more than a week late? If yes, you can take a pregnancy test. It’s the only reliable way of knowing whether or not you’re pregnant.

I’m anxious even though my girlfriend is taking the pill

The pill is an effective contraceptive. If your girlfriend takes the pill at more or less the same time every day, without forgetting, she’s 99% protected. On the other hand, if your girlfriend doesn’t take the pill reliably, the risk increases. In that case, you might consider an emergency contraceptive pill (ECP or morning after pill), which can reduce the risk of pregnancy up to 3 days after having unprotected sex.

To avoid getting anxious, discuss your worries with your girlfriend and talk about the methods you could use next time to manage the risk of pregnancy. Your girlfriend and you can learn more about how a girl’s menstrual cycle works and how the pill works so you’ll better understand the precautions you need to take. Maybe you might also choose to use another contraceptive method that will suit both of you and make you feel better.

My boyfriend stroked me and he had semen on his hands

If the semen was dry, the sperm cells were dead: the risk of getting pregnant is zero! If it was still wet, there is a risk of pregnancy through immediate touching. If this happened les than three days ago, it would be a good idea to check out the emergency contraceptive pill just in case. If your period is more than a week late, take a pregnancy test to find out what’s up. To reduce your risks next time, your boyfriend should wear a condom to contain his ejaculate. You can also ask him to wash his hands before starting any heavy petting.

I’m protecting myself, but I’m still worried

That’s normal. New situations always cause a certain amount of stress or anxiety. Be gentle with yourself. You’re learning several new things at once and it’s normal to have doubts.

Even if you know that you’re protecting yourself and that it’s the right thing to do, you might not quite understand how the method of contraception is working in your body. You can get information on the more technical aspects, which will help you better understand, feel less at risk and less like it’s some kind of magic at work!

It can take a while to feel confident about sex, including the contraception part of it. Give yourself time to get used to it. Once you see that the method has worked a few times, you will likely trust it more. 

Sometimes, going through this alone can make you feel like you’re carrying all the weight on your shoulders! Contraception is a responsibility that should be shared by both partners. Talking to your partner about it may help you feel less stressed, answer questions you both have and reassure you.

I have my period. Could I still be pregnant?

It’s rare, but it can happen. In that case, we call it spotting, or some blood flow that resembles menstruation but is usually lighter. It’s deceptive! In case of doubt, you can talk to your doctor or take a pregnancy test.

Is it true that pre-ejaculatory fluid is just as risky?

Yes, because what’s called pre-ejaculatory fluid can contain sperm cells. So, as soon as penetration occurs, there’s a risk of pregnancy, even if ejaculation doesn’t take place. That’s why coitus interruptus (when the man removes his penis from the woman’s vagina before ejaculation) is not an effective contraceptive method. And that’s also why rubbing the penis against the vulva can be risky too.


How do I know if I am pregnant? - French only video

Can sperm cells survive…

in air?

Spermatozoa die very quickly when they contact air. They can’t survive more than a few seconds, or at most minutes, depending on the conditions. In fact, as soon as the semen dries out, the sperm cells die. They can’t climb, jump, or move through thick cloth.

in water?

Spermatozoa die almost instantly when they come into contact with water. However, that doesn’t mean that water is a contraceptive! When penetration occurs in water, with or without ejaculation, the girl can get pregnant. So it’s important to use a condom, no matter what the circumstances are.

if I wash my hands?

Spermatozoa don’t survive hand washing, with or without soap. They die almost immediately when they contact water.

if I clean the surface?

Spermatozoa can’t survive on a wiped or sponged surface.

in the uterus?

Spermatozoa can survive for 1 to 5 days inside the uterus.

in pre-ejaculatory fluid?

There are often spermatozoa in pre-ejaculatory fluid and they survive there very well. Intercourse with penetration, even without ejaculation, can therefore lead to unwanted pregnancy.

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