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Developing a positive body image

Frequently asked questions

How can I feel better about myself?
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Lots of things can help you feel better about yourself. Here are some tips!

  • Get to know yourself and develop your talents. The more aware of your strengths you are, and the more you use them, the happier you’ll feel.
  • Compliment yourself, respect your needs and your limits, and set yourself small challenges. When you look in the mirror, smile at yourself as if you were greeting your best friend.
  • Give yourself the right to make mistakes: that’s how you learn!
  • Avoid comparing yourself to other people. Your differences are assets, so learn their secret powers!
  • Instead of banking only on your looks, focus on wellness and personality. Play sports, feed your passions, and build connections with people you like.

All these things will help you feel better about yourself!

How can I learn to like my looks?
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Beauty is a whole: the body but also what’s inside it! Your personality, your radiance, your posture, your actions make you a unique, attractive person. Cultivate what you like about yourself and stop comparing yourself to other people. Everyone’s different and everyone has strengths. If you’re constantly comparing yourself to others, you risk suffering unnecessarily. The important thing is to learn what your qualities and assets are, then highlight them, develop them, and feel good about yourself.

Is it possible to like myself if I’m overweight?
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First of all, beauty doesn’t come in only one size. Fashion and magazines show us specific standards of beauty. However, in real life, people are attracted to all kinds of people and not to only one body type! Learn to accept your body the way it is. Identify your qualities and strengths and use them to present yourself. And remember that people who meet you see more than just your looks: they see all of you! They’re also attracted by your smile, your unique qualities, and your personality!

What can I do to present myself well?
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Accentuate what you like: your strengths and great qualities. The essential thing is to get to know yourself and accept yourself the way you are. Remember that presenting oneself doesn’t have to be based on physical appearance! You can use your personality to stand out in a good way, or join a committee or a sports team. By getting involved, you’ll naturally show other people the interesting aspects of your personality or your hidden talents!