7 tips to keep a positive body image

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We receive all kinds of messages about our looks – and they may or may not be subtle. Our parents or friends make comments that aren’t always tactful. The media and advertising show us single standards of beauty, which don’t reflect reality. Here are some suggestions for maintaining a positive body image, no matter what!

Develop your critical thinking

Remember that the standards of beauty conveyed in our society are unrealistic! They don’t represent everyone – the diversity of bodies and appearances. Don’t compare yourself to those standards. Everyone is different, and everyone has their own beauty.


Find benchmarks

Find out about bodily diversity, that is, different kinds of bodies, sizes, and proportions. Look at the bodies of the people you know and develop a clear vision of what really exists.


Look at your body

Learn to accept it and focus on the features you like best. By learning to know yourself, you’ll develop a more realistic view of yourself. There are things you like about your body and others you don’t like so much, and that’s okay!


Treat your body kindly

Be grateful for the possibilities your body gives you and the services it performs, instead of concentrating on how it looks. Because of our bodies, we have experiences that shape our personality and our contact with other people, such as sports, artistic creation, and intimate relationships.


Take care of yourself

To live in a healthy body, you need to take care of it. If you were looking after a puppy, for example, but you spent all your time grooming it instead of feeding it, do you think it would be happy? Your body is alive. It needs good food, in adequate amounts, as well as hugs, human contact, attention, and care!


Don’t worry too much about your looks

If you find that difficult, set yourself the challenge of spending time on enjoyable things, such as leisure activities and sport, to take your mind off it.


Work on your attitude

Remember that you’re much more than a body. As well as your looks, you have a personality, an approach, an attitude, passions, etc. When people meet you, they see all kinds of factors that make up your unique, special personality. Your personality and your body make a whole, and that’s what makes you attractive!


In short, don’t be fooled by the images conveyed by the media. Very few people look like the actors or supermodels you see. Instead, look for inspiration in the people around you, who shine because they’re happy and comfortable in their bodies!

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