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Leading a healthy lifestyle

Tips for keeping active every day

Keeping active doesn’t just mean playing sports at a specific time. It’s just as important – in fact, more important! – to keep moving at intervals all day long. To sum up, avoid spending the whole day sitting down.

Here are some ideas to stay more active every day:

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator in a shopping mall or metro station.
  • Walk home from school instead of taking the bus. You can even take a small detour to increase the distance! If the route is too long, why not just exit the bus 2 or 3 stops before yours?
  • Dance while listening to music in your room. Yes, it counts!
  • Get on your bike to go to a friend’s house.
  • Play outdoors when you get home from school.
  • Do your chores with verve. With the right music, it’s amazingly efficient!
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