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Being authentic feels good

Do you think there’s a big difference between the person you are online and the one you are offline, in real life? There shouldn’t be! Even hidden behind a screen, you can choose to be authentic.

Other people’s lives are better… oh yeah?

Everyone shows off their best side on social media. So it’s easy to think that everyone is better looking than you and having more fun than you, and their lives are much better than yours.

But that’s not true! Your friends also think they have to show the best side of their lives and look good all the time. They have ups ⬆️ and downs ⬇️ , just like you. It’s just that they only talk about the ups!

When we’re real, we feel better!

Being honest is a good way of taking care of yourself: you don’t need to lie to be interesting. It’s also a way of taking care of your friends: they can see that you have a real life and you’re taking the pressure off them to post only WOW things.

Maybe you think that people only want to see the positive, WOW aspects of your life? That’s far from certain! You might be surprised 😮 at the support you get from your friends if you show them the way things really are. Plus, we feel a lot happier 😃 when we’re honest!