Hooked: Cyberdependency or cyberaddiction?

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You may have heard the words “cyberdependency,” “cyberaddiction,” and “Internet dependency.” They all refer to excessive or problematic use of the Internet, social media, or video games. Do you think it might affect you?

Here are some things to think about


👉 Apart from video games or the Internet, do you have a variety of sources of enjoyment and interest in your life?

👉 Do you feel that you can reduce or change the amount of time you spend online, depending on the context? For example, can you tell yourself: I have a lot of homework today so I won’t play. Or: My friends have invited me to go to the movies so I’ll play later on.

👉 Does the time you spend on this activity have an impact on your school results or your relationship with your family?

👉 Do you give priority to activities with friends or family, or do you prefer to play or surf in the virtual world?


Are you concerned? You can learn more by consulting this section of our website. Most of all, don’t hesitate to contact Tel-jeunes: we can listen to you and guide you to some resources that could help you.