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Under pressure from social media

If I don’t post anything, what will my friends think? Will they think my life is a drag? We often feel pressure related to social media. We think we have to post lots of positive things all the time!

Do you sometimes feel this pressure? To find out, ask yourself these questions 🤔:

  • Are you tempted to post every single special activity and happy event you experience?
  • Are you afraid of being judged or rejected if you don’t post enough?
  • Are you worried about what other people will say if you post something that isn’t positive or happy?
  • Have you ever not been able to enjoy certain events because you were too busy taking photos or videos or creating posts?
  • If you do something without sharing it on social media, do you feel like it was valueless or wasted?
  • Do you want to share all the details of your life: thoughts, moods, meals, etc.? Why are you doing this?


Lots of people think you absolutely have to look good on social media. They think they should only post positive things that make them happy.

That’s all very well and good, but it can have a harmful effect. Do you have to talk about only good things or things that make you happy? Is everyone really always positive and happy?

When you’re having good times, enjoy them! Don’t spend your time photographing everything or posting. Instead of connecting to social media, connect with your friends, what you’re doing, what you’re saying… and have fun!