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Am I in love or just infatuated?

You’ve been attracted to someone for a while now. You can’t stop thinking about him/her and your heart beats faster when you see him/her. Is it just infatuation or are you falling in love?

1.    What is infatuation?

Infatuation is feeling attracted to someone who seems unique and special. Sometimes, we fall in love at first sight. Other times, the attraction develops later, for someone we weren’t interested in before. Often it takes us by surprise and fills us with excitement or hope.

2.    What is love? ❓  ❤️

Love, 😻 is a deep feeling that you have for someone whom you know well and have learned to love, with all his/her qualities and defects. If you hardly know the person you’re attracted to, it’s infatuation… but love often starts out like that! Infatuation can be a sign that a relationship would be possible with this person.

3.    What attracts you to this person? 🤤

Is your attraction to the person mainly physical? Does he/she also attract you because of his/her style, personality, and qualities? Do you share tastes and interests in common? If you know the person well and feel comfortable with him/her, there’s a good chance that your attraction will turn into love. If you’re mainly attracted by the person’s physical beauty, there’s nothing stopping you from trying to get to know him/her better!

4.    Do you have butterflies in your stomach? 🦋

If you’re attracted to someone, your body reacts when he/she is present. You might have butterflies in your stomach or a lump in your throat. You might feel nervous, make mistakes, have trouble finding words, or laugh without any reason. If your attraction is strong and doesn’t fade away, you might be falling in love!

Now you have to make up your mind what you’re going to do about this attraction. Will you try to see the person more often? Get to know him/her? Talk about how you feel? Whatever you decide, give yourself the time you need and listen to your intuitions.