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What is bulimia?

People with bulimia have an imbalance in their eating habits and engage in binge eating. They eat a lot of food in a short time, even if they’re not hungry.

After stuffing themselves, people with bulimia feel a strong sense of guilt, shame, and extreme, unreasonable fear of gaining weight. So they use inappropriate, extreme ways of purging the food from their stomach; for example, they may exercise too much or make themselves vomit.

People with bulimia:

  • think they’ve lost control of what they eat
  • often feel guilty and inferior, as well as physically unwell, after a binge
  • aren’t easy to recognize, because they often don’t lose a lot of weight
  • are often obsessed with their weight, compare themselves to other people, and isolate themselves

If you think you might have symptoms of bulimia, it’s important for you to consult your doctor or another health care professional as soon as possible, since the condition can get worse fast. If you want to help someone with bulimia, contact Tel-jeunes. Our counsellors can give you advice on how you might approach the person.