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Joy 😀 is a short, intense expression of satisfaction. Joy can appear when we have succeeded at something: a sports competition 🏒⚽️🏅, or an exam… We can also feel joy when we’ve overcome obstacles 🧗🏽‍♀️, or taken risks, when we’re proud of ourselves 😎, or when we’re having fun 😝.

How joy feels

Joy is special because it can be expressed in very different ways: smiling 🙂, laughing 😆,  even tears 😂!  Often to express our joy, we might feel like shouting, talking very fast… or singing 🎶🎵!

Why joy is useful 🙃👻🎉

Joy is a powerful stress reliever! It releases tension and boosts our self-esteem. In addition, it can be passed on like a ball of energy that we pass to other people because we want to share it. Finally, joy can help us make decisions and act boldly and bravely… provided that we don’t get overenthusiastic and act without thinking!