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Sadness is an emotion that’s sometimes difficult to manage and express. It often happens at important times in your life, like after a breakup, a move, or a major loss. This article will help you deal with sadness and find ways to express it.

We can’t be happy ☀️😀 all the time. Sometimes sadness 😞 takes over. It’s perfectly normal to feel this unpleasant emotion when situations or events happen that hurt us. And you know what? Having a good cry 😭can do you a lot of good 👍🏽 and help you move on…


What causes sadness

The loss of someone you love, a breakup, the end of a friendship, moving house 📦, changing schools 🎒… many events can make us sad. Their importance influences the intensity and duration of the sadness 🙁 we feel.


How sadness feels

Everyone has a different level of sensitivity and expresses sadness in their own way. Not everyone is affected by the same situations or reacts in the same way. Some people cry, others shout. And others need to be alone.


Why sadness is useful

Sadness is a useful emotion. It enables us to realize that we’ve lost something: a boyfriend or girlfriend, a pet 🐾, a friend, a place we loved. Being sad helps us to understand, grieve, then get back on our feet and move on.


What to do when you feel sad

  • Accept your sadness. It’s normal and useful. Accept your tears and grief when they appear. Don’t feel bad about crying. You don’t have to hide your sadness.
  • Take your mind off things. Start a project that interests you 📓, run yourself a nice bath 🛀🏾, go out with friends 🍿🚲, cuddle your cat 😻… do something nice for yourself! 🌻
  • Talk about your feelings 🗣 and concerns to people you trust. Confiding can make you feel better. In addition, the people around you can support you and even help you find solutions.
  • Consult a professional 👩🏾‍⚕️ if you feel that sadness is taking over your whole life. Extremely difficult events, such as the loss of a parent, can result in very deep sadness, and it’s not easy to get over it alone. Don’t forget that you can also call 📱 or text 💬 Tel-jeunes whenever you want!


🔸🔺🔹Remember: expressing an emotion is the best way of getting it out of your head and your heart. ❤️🤗