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Training Service

Tel-jeunes offers useful workshops based on an in-depth knowledge of the reality of teenagers. Always on the lookout for the new realities affecting youth, our trainers know how to share information in a dynamic way and make sure to involve youth in an active participation during meetings.

This year, we invite you to live the Tel-jeunes experience through a series of dynamic and interactive virtual workshops designed to answer youth's questions in real time. Created to be presented virtually, these workshops allow a greater accessibility of our content to teenagers across Quebec.

Tel-jeunes also offers training for school staff.



Our trainings

🚌 High school teenagers 

Tel-jeunes innovates in terms of workshops for your students. Our offer, now 100% online, is intended for high school students. Starting in the fall of 2022, three diversified workshops in the colors of Tel-jeunes will be offered to all Quebec schools, as well as a presentation of Tel-jeunes' services


Reservations for groups will start on September 6th 2022.

In french-only

👨🏽‍🏫  School staff 👩‍🏫

Sex education for teenagers : the know-how and intervention strategies

Dating and sexuality are among the most touched on topics at Tel-jeunes since its creation in 1991. Everyday, professionals discuss, with teenagers, issues related to their psychosexual development. This training by Tel-jeunes offers additional tools for school staff than what is already provided by school boards and private educational institutions.

Offered online and in-person – 3 hours

FREE training offered for schools and schools boards across Quebec, with the financial support of the Quebec Ministry of Education.

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Tel-jeunes has been there for teenagers for 30 years. This year, a variety of services is added so teenagers can receive help other than through our 24/7 intervention center, although it remains active and available!

This overview will allow you to discover the new Tel-jeunes platform and different ways for teenagers to find accurate information, a listening ear and a space without judgement.

You will also receive all the information on options offered by Tel-jeunes to team up with school staff, for the well-being of teenagers across Quebec.


Only offered online – 50 minutes

Plan a training

Would you like to receive one of our trainers in your setting? To find out about our availability or to make a reservation, please contact us at 514 288-1444 or by email at: [email protected].