Does the other person still love me? Am I still in love?

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Have you been with your partner for a while and are worried that things have changed? Don’t worry, it’s totally normal for love and relationships to evolve over time. But what exactly does that mean?

The start of a relationship is full of passion – all new and shiny. 😍 🚅You never stop thinking about the other person and you want to be with him/her all the time! Then, little by little, you get used to each other. The relationship changes, your feelings and desire evolve… and that’s normal!


Why? First of all, feeling passion all the time could get exhausting. There’s more to life than love! After a while, the early intensity gives way to comfort so each person can get back to their friends, activities, work, or education. You find a new balance between your personal life and your love.


Over time, you also get to know the other person better – his/her small defects and good qualities, the aspects of his/her personality that you love or can’t stand. The passion may be less intense 📉, but the love grows deeper: you learn to love each other the way you are! 💯