How do eating disorders develop?

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Are you wondering about eating disorders, their causes, and how to find help? Understanding what triggers these disorders is the first step to recovery.

As with all mental health diagnoses, there isn’t a single factor that causes the development of eating disorders.


 It’s a combination of things, and can depend on things such as: someone’s personality traits (their level of desire to please others, their self-esteem, their level of difficulty with being assertive, how much they feel pressure to be a certain way, etc.), relationships with others (having conflicts with loved ones, getting comments on physical appearance, etc.) and someone’s environment (having experienced stressful or traumatic events, being in an environment that places a lot of importance on physical appearance, health, or performance, etc.).

Generally, an eating disorder develops when you feel something is not going as you think it should, or if you are having trouble managing difficult emotions, or if you are finding it really hard to overcome a particular problem, or are unable to satisfy a need that you perceive. A specialized professional can help you understand what is triggering it, which will make it a lot easier for you to find healthy ways to handle life’s challenges.

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 Source: ANEB.