I have suicidal thoughts; what should you do?

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You’re hurting and you can’t stand it anymore. You’re discouraged and exhausted and you have suicidal thoughts. Here’s what you can do.

What are suicidal thoughts?

  • Thoughts a person might have when they’re going through problems that are causing them pain.
  • A reaction to moments of crisis.
  • A type of cry for help and alarm signal that the brain sends the person to indicate that they’re suffering and need to look for help.
  • A search for a solution and an end to the suffering, not an end to life.


Nobody is safe from suicidal thoughts. There are also certain factors that can make people more fragile and vulnerable. It’s important to understand that not everyone who has experienced difficult events will necessarily think of suicide.


Don’t forget: there are always other solutions and other ways to deal with problems in life.


1.    Talk about it

You can’t deal with your suicidal thoughts all alone. Talking about what you’re going through can give you another way of looking at your problems, help you identify solutions you might not have thought of, and most of all, take a huge weight off your shoulders. A friend, a brother, a sister… look around you: people like you and want to help you.


2.    Find someone you trust

Talking to a friend is helpful, but if your suicidal thoughts are dragging you down, turn to an adult you trust as well: a family member or a professional from school, the CLSC, or a youth centre, for example. You can also contact a suicide prevention centre or Tel-jeunes. All these people can guide you and help you feel better.


3.    Sort out your thoughts

When you go through something painful, you can feel completely overwhelmed and believe there’s no way out. Does a mountain of dark thoughts seem impassable? Don’t look at all of them at once! By going one step at a time, you can move forward and get back the hope and energy you’ll need to take the next step.


4.    Try to take your mind off things

Brooding all the time is exhausting. Try to take your mind off things. Maybe you could try writing, drawing, playing music, or playing sports? We all have a little something that does us good.


To sum up, give yourself enough time to let people help you. One day at a time. One step at a time.

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