Myths about menstruations

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In this article, we answer without taboo the questions you may have about menstruation!

Having sex can’t trigger my first period.

TRUE 🟢 Your body triggers your first period during puberty. It’s got nothing to do with having sex. However, you might notice some blood when you make love for the first time. That’s because your partner’s penis tore your hymen, a small piece of skin that partly covers your vagina. It’s normal and it usually doesn’t bleed much.


If I make love in water, I can’t get pregnant.

FALSE 🔴 You can get pregnant or catch a blood-borne and sexually transmissible infection (BBSTI) any time you have unprotected sex. In water or out, if there’s contact between the penis and the vulva or vagina, there’s a risk! What’s more, even if your partner doesn’t ejaculate, pre-ejaculatory fluid can flow from his penis during sex. Just a few drops are enough to get you pregnant!


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It’s impossible to menstruate when you’re pregnant.

TRUE 🟢 On the other hand, you may lose a little blood, which is called “spotting.” It’s not menstruation but it is a flow of blood. More tips in this article.


I can’t play sports or swim during my period.

FALSE 🔴 You can engage in your usual sports and activities by using appropriate protection. For swimming, use a tampon or menstrual cup.


I can get pregnant if I make love during my period.

TRUE 🟢 Even if your cycle is regular, you can’t know exactly when you’ll ovulate. Moreover, if you have an irregular or short cycle, ovulation can happen very close to the end of your last period. Since sperm cells can survive up to 5 days in your uterus, they can still be there when you ovulate… and cause a pregnancy.


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