Should I shave myself?

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While some people may choose to shave, wax, or trim their hair, others are very comfortable with their hair as it is. Find out a little more about it to help you decide whether or not you should shave.

These days hairless bodies are everywhere! It’s easy to assume that that’s the norm, but it varies more than you would think! In fact, it depends on the social norms of a culture and on each person’s preference.


To help you answer your question, first ask yourself what makes you want to remove your hair. If it’s to fit in with what you think is normal, just remember that it’s a decision you should make for yourself and not for others.


Trimming, shaving, waxing… Each method has its pros and cons. Genitals are more sensitive to infection and irritation from hair removal because hair is a natural means of protection.


If you are thinking about shaving or waxing, don’t hesitate to ask for help or information from your parents or from a qualified professional such as an esthetician.