What is puberty?

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Puberty is an important phase of life when you slowly become an adult. It’s a time full of changes where your body transforms and your interests evolve. Here, we explain what it’s really like.

Puberty is a phase of physical and psychological transformation when you move from childhood into adulthood. During puberty, your body begins to produce sex hormones that allow your genitals to develop the ability to reproduce. During this process, these hormones also cause many other changes in you.


What changes during puberty?

Here are some physical changes you might notice:


  • Acne (some people get hardly any, others get more)
  • Voice changes (often getting deeper)
  • Hair growth in the armpits and on the legs, chest, and pubic region 
  • Hips widening
  • First menstruation, or first period 🔴
  • Testicles and penis grow 🍤 🍆
  • Breasts grow, which can cause discomfort 🍒
  • Body odour when you sweat
  • Whitish vaginal discharge
  • Rapid growth of muscles 💪 and body hair: face, legs, armpits, and torso
  • First ejaculations ⛈️ 🚀


There are also psychological changes:


  •   Increase or decrease in self-esteem (it can also stay the same)
  •   Changes in your relationships with others because of changes in what you like, your interests, and your needs
  •   All these hormonal changes also affect your mood. You may feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster, like your mood swings from one extreme to the other in very little time, and sometimes without you knowing why.


All of these changes are completely normal.


When will puberty start?

Every young person goes through puberty which is a passage into adult life. Puberty might start later for you than it does for your friends. If you feel like you are behind, remember that puberty is not a competition! One day it will be your turn. If something embarrasses or worries you, talk to an adult you trust or contact us!


Source: Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada