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Social media: Neither all bad nor all good

Social media have a useful side, but you need to be aware that their effect isn’t always positive:

  1. They can influence your mood… Negative messages spread fast!  😠
  2. They can decrease your productivity 📉. People often check social media while they’re doing something else. When we try to do several things at once, we’re less focused, and so we waste time and are less effective.
  3. They drive people to put pressure on themselves 💦: be available online as much as possible, respond fast, etc. We don’t realize how stressful that is!
  4. They encourage you to spend more money 💳. Everything you see there creates needs 💲: the ads, the things your friends are doing, the looks of the people you “like,” etc.
  5. They can distort your perception of the world, by making you think that most people share a particular opinion, whereas in reality, that opinion is quite uncommon. 💭.
  6. They prevent you from living in the present.
  7. They impair your sleep. 💤
  8. They can expose you to people with bad intentions, such as identity thieves and scammers 👿.

To sum up, social media have good and bad sides… The trick is to find your balance in all this and be cautious. To reduce the risks, check out our cybersecurity advice.