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There’s no such thing as permanent happiness!

On social media, we always show off our best side: we take photos when we’re happy and show off our biggest smiles 😃, we choose pictures where we look good, and maybe we even use filters on our pix to make them as beautiful as possible. The goal: the perfect photo! But behind that perfect photo there are often dozens we’d never dare to show!

In addition, on social media, we tend to post only interesting moments, super-exciting activities, outings to special places, and happy times with our friends. We don’t show ourselves brushing our teeth, doing our homework, or fighting with our little sister! In short, these photos aren’t representative of a normal day! ☀️🌻🍀

When we compare ourselves to these fake dream lives, we can find ourselves pretty boring! We see all the WOW things our friends are doing and feel lonely or uninteresting. But in reality, that’s not their real life!

They don’t have nothing but WOW moments every day. They choose to share only a small fraction of their day: the fraction that looks cool! It’s a focus on the best, from the best possible angle. So it’s not surprising that we might feel they’re just basking in bliss!