Prom and the after-prom party

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Prom and the after-prom are important events in adolescence, so it's natural for parents to want to get involved. Find out how to handle the subject with your teen, what issues to discuss, and whether you should be concerned.

Pride, happiness, nervousness…prom is a big event, and often the first of its kind for teens, so it is totally normal for parents to want to get involved in the planning of it, all while keeping in mind everyone’s expectations and needs.


Reflect on Your Own Perception

Think back; how did you imagine prom and the after party would be? What was it like? What memories, values, and lessons did you take from it, and which of those would you like your teen to have? What role do you want to take in this step of their life? Asking yourself these questions will help you understand what your teen is going through, and will help you better understand the role you want to play as a parent.


Be Clear About what you Expect From your Teen

Talk about it. What do they want? How can you help to support them? To prepare, some parents establish a budget with their kid. Some parents also help shop for the dress, or the suit, or offer transportation to the prom.


Discuss Concerns

Bring up any concerns you both might have, such as: how important are appearances, how to say goodbye to school friends, who is their date or whether they prefer going alone, talking about drinking, concerns about sex, methods of protection, etc. Discussing concerns will allow your child to celebrate in the most fun and safe way! 


Rest Assured

If you have a relationship of trust established with your teen and you think they are mature and able to make informed decisions, there is no need to be too stressed out! The after-prom party is a highly anticipated event that happens once in a lifetime; teens want to have a good time with the friends they have been with all throughout high school. However, you can be helpful by allowing them the space to reflect on what they want out of the night, and help them make good choices.