BFF: what is a best friend?

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In friendship, we all need trustworthy people to confide in and with whom to share precious moments. But what exactly is a best friend? Discover the secret ingredients of a strong friendship.

A best friend or BFF is someone you can confide in and feel very close to. You might have more than one best friend or BFF, but usually we don’t have more than a few: we can count them on the fingers of one hand.

Sometimes, you might think of someone as your BFF, whereas he/she considers you as just a friend. If both people are getting what they need from the relationship, it’s not a problem! The important thing is to have people you can talk to, confide in, and have fun with.

The concept of best friend varies for everyone but generally it’s a person:


  • we share a special bond with

  • we spend a lot of time with

  • we have a lot in common with

  • we like to do lots of activities with

  • we can be ourselves with

  • we confide our joys, troubles, fears, and dreams to

  • we think of when we need comfort

  • we really trust


The way you describe and classify your friends is nobody’s business but your own! Adolescence is a time of transformation. You change and your friends do too. At certain times, you may feel closer to or more distant from a particular person. Despite the concept of BFF (Best Friend Forever), your best friends may change over time!