What to do if you’re a jealous friend?

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Some friendship situations can make you jealous. For example, you might feel jealous if your friend does things without you, or spends more time with their significant other, or hangs out with other friends. Here’s a few things to think about!

Explore the Reasons Behind your Jealousy

What bothers you about the fact that your friend has other interests or other friends? Do you feel like it’s taking something from you? Are you afraid of losing your friend? 


Be Open with your Friend

Talk to them about what’s bothering you. If they know what you're feeling, they can reassure you or explain what’s going on and can help you feel better.


Enrich your Life

If you’re feeling abandoned, it’s time to widen your circle of friends and try new things. If you have lots of friends and a full life, you won’t feel like you have to spend all of your time with just one person. It will also take the pressure off them.


Ask Yourself if your Perception is Realistic

Is your friend really drifting away from you or are they just busy? When you have lots of friends and a significant other, it can be hard to divide your time so that everyone is happy.


The problem with jealousy is that it often makes your worst fears come true. Your friend might be pulling away because it’s hard having a jealous friend. If you’re having a hard time controlling your jealousy, try talking to a counsellor at school or at Tel-jeunes.