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Some people feel guilty after eating, have an extreme and excessive fear of gaining weight, and have a distorted body image. Anorexia is a complex—and often all-consuming—eating disorder. Keep reading to learn more.

Anorexia is an extreme and excessive fear of gaining weight. A person’s preoccupation with food, their body, and trying to stay thin plays a huge role in their daily life. After eating, they might feel guilty or ashamed, for example.


Anorexia also includes suffering from a distorted body image. This means that people living with this eating disorder tend to feel that they are overweight when they’re not. This is a deeply held belief, and it often takes the help of specialized professionals to learn to develop a more realistic perception of their body.


To control their weight, people with anorexia:


  • Eat very little or skip meals
  • Won’t allow themselves to eat certain foods
  • Calculate calories for everything they eat
  • Weigh themselves frequently


If you think you have symptoms of anorexia, it’s important that you don't deal with it alone. Talk to someone you trust and seek help from your doctor as soon as possible.


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