How do I know if I have an eating disorder?

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If you feel like you haven’t had a great relationship with food for a while and you’ve started to have some dangerous behaviours, you might have an eating disorder. Read on to learn more and find help if you need it.

Some signs that can give you a hint: you’re never happy with your weight and are obsessed with it, you isolate yourself and avoid meals with other people, your eating habits have changed significantly (you hardly eat at all or, on the contrary, you eat too much), you feel guilty after eating, etc. Once these signs have been identified, get support from the people you trust most, like your parents or a good friend, and consult a healthcare professional. They are the only ones who can diagnose an eating disorder. This questionnaire from Aneb can also help you evaluate whether you are at risk of developing one.


If you have symptoms of an eating disorder, you need to know that you can be cured, but it’ll be hard to do alone. Consult a professional who can help you. It’s also important for you to be supported by your parents and/or a trusted friend throughout the process. They’ll be your closest ally when the going gets tough. The road to a cure may seem long and hard but it is worth it! Getting better will allow you to live a full life, realize your potential, and become the person you truly are!


Is there a problem if I’m careful about what I eat?

There’s a difference between an eating disorder and taking care of your health by paying attention to what you eat. If you feel dissatisfied with your body and that causes you to starve yourself, exercise excessively just to lose weight, or make yourself throw up, you need to see your doctor. These practices are very risky for your health, and it’s important for you to develop other tools to take care of yourself. If necessary, seek help from a professional, such as a nutritionist or a personal trainer, who can guide you towards better practices.