5 tips on making friends

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Making friends plays an important role in feeling happy and fulfilled, but it isn’t always easy to meet new people and break the ice. Here are 5 tips for making friends and approaching others with ease.

Get to know yourself well

Find what you like and develop your passions: for example, sports, music, theatre, or visual arts. By getting involved in activities you enjoy, you may meet other young people who share your interests.


Get involved!

It’s easier to make friends in an environment where you feel comfortable and will naturally meet new people. You might join a sports team, project, or committee, for example.


Dare to take the first steps

When you meet someone you’d like to know better, you can start out by smiling at the person, then daring to say hello and exchange a few words. You could also try to approach him/her first on social media. If the other person responds positively, let the friendship develop, little by little.


Be interested in other people

When you meet new people, show that you’re interested in them. Listen to them and ask questions so you can learn more about them. If someone seems interested in you, you could suggest an activity you might do together: for example, doing homework, playing a sport, or going to your place for a movie.


Take care of your relationships

Taking care of your relationships means being honest and loyal. It also means finding a balance between the space you take up in the relationship and the space your friend takes up. If you know how to cultivate good friendships, it could be the password making other people want to be your friend too.