How to react if you feel rejected by one or more friends

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Feeling rejected happens to everyone at some point and it’s never easy. Sometimes it’s just our own impression and it’s worth checking to make sure. But sometimes it’s an inappropriate method some people use to send a message or make a point. Here are some strategies to get out of this situation.

Talk about it

Ask your friends what’s going on and tell them what you feel. In that way, you’ll know if what you’re thinking is true. Sometimes the situation is easy to solve. Other times, the problem is bigger, and it’s more complicated.


Expand your circle of friends

Friendship is a bond that can change and break over time. A rejection hurts more if you’ve staked everything on only one person. Engage in new activities and get to know other people.


Let go

If you feel it’s impossible to talk about the situation with your current friend or friends, let it go for now and turn to other people. You’ve managed to make friends in the past and you can still do it! 💪


Remember that rejection is a temporary situation! Open your eyes 👀 and look around you. There are plenty of other people who are worth knowing and other places to explore. You’ll find other friends you get along with. If the situation is too painful for you, talk about it with an adult you trust or call us!