How to Be a Good Kisser

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Your first few kisses can be stressful. You may ask yourself, “Will I know what to do? Will the other person like it?”. There is no magic formula for being a good kisser, it just takes practice. Here are a few tips to make your first kiss a success!

Follow your own style

Kissing is like dancing, it takes two. 😽 Take turns leading the dance, and then allow yourself to be guided. There’s no right way to kiss, everyone has their own style. It’s completely normal to be nervous at first. The important thing is to be attentive to the other person’s reactions and to your own needs, so that you both feel comfortable. Keep in mind there are all kinds of kisses and different contexts call for different types of kissing. This depends on our emotions or the person we’re kissing, and many other factors.


Come prepared… or don’t!

There’s no wrong way to help reduce your stress. You can carry gum, a toothbrush, or think of somewhere you’re least likely to be interrupted. Whatever helps you enjoy the moment when it arises.


If things don’t go exactly as planned, don’t panic! You can also tell yourself you’ll see how it goes when the time comes, and sometimes it can be great if it’s totally spontaneous. And if all else fails, rest assured you’ll have plenty more opportunities!


Take your time

Go slowly. You don’t have to jump right into an intense kiss if it doesn’t feel right. 👅 You can start by showing affection through holding hands, giving a kiss on the cheek or forehead, hugging, etcetera. The important thing is to go slowly, one step at a time, paying attention to the other person’s comfort level. Remember that a kiss is an expression of desire and affection. You’ll feel when it’s the right moment, both for you and for the other person. 😊


Go easy on yourself

When kissing, it’s normal to feel like you’re no good at first. 😗 Experience is the best teacher! Most importantly, make sure you respect your boundaries and those of the other person. You’re allowed to tell the other person you don’t like the way they’re touching or kissing you, or you can show them what you’d prefer. It may feel awkward, but you’ll soon found out, good communication is sexy! 🔥